Design is Dead Expo

The Design is Dead Expo was part of the extensive side-program of the Enzo Mari Expo curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist with Francesca Giacomelli in C-Mine, Belgium. 

The renowned Italian designer Enzo Mari is as much known for his revolutionary designs as for his critical attitude towards the design world. Mari considered the work of many young designers to be frivolous, superfluous and a waste of labor and material. His statement ‘Design is dead’ is therefore known worldwide.

Nine young designers from the Product Design department (LUCA School of Arts) question his controversial statement through designs for a funeral. Is design really dead? As the funeral industry to this day still uses many necessary but unsustainable practices, rethinking the industry is an essential task for these young designers. Inspired by Mari’s design philosophies, they demonstrate his broad view of design, which is still highly relevant today.

Ad Terram was conceptualized for this expo.


Curated by Kato Herbots, supported by Cas Reynders, Stijn Vos
Graphic design by Hannah Melis, supported by Stijn Vos
Scenography by Cas Reynders, supported by Stijn Vos
Food design by Ellen Klinckhaemers, Luna Rits
Mediation by Andreas Put, Luna Rits
Communication by Victor Smeets, supported by Hannah Melis

Design is Dead Expo 
Expo Enzo Mari C-Mine

pictures by Hadewijch Bosmans